Thursday, December 4, 2008

not EVERYTHING chocolate-covered is gold...

Some people say anything deep-fried is great...others say bacon makes everything better...

There was a time when I thought nothing bad could come covered in chocolate.  I was wrong.  So wrong.

Partly from my travels, partly from the travel channel...I have learned that not everything chocolate-covered is drool-worthy.   I submit the following:

chocolate-covered marzipan (apparently there are a lot of people with strong feelings about marzipan, unfortunately, my strong feeling is in the pit of my stomach.....not even the chocolate coating made it enjoyable)

chocolate-covered crickets, ants,etc (they've been around forever...and I DON'T mean the ones you faked your little brothers out with by coating rice krispies with melted chocolate....I mean actual once creeping and crawling bugs- bleck!)

chocolate-covered pineapple, oranges (I know not everyone will agree with me here...and I'm all for chocolate-covered berries...and I love pineapple...but it simply should never EVER be paired with chocolate....and anyone who knows me know how I feel about oranges/citrus...why waste perfectly good chocolate?)

chocolate-covered squid (yes, you read that's actually popular in asia...don't ask me why...they also like dried fish strips on their ice cream....)

I don't think the originators of chocolate ever pondered how their masterpiece might one day be corrupted.  But in the quest for new and glorious chocolate and mystery ingredient combos...we've crossed the line!  What's next?  Chocolate-covered bacon? (shiver)

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